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Loyalty programs

In Royal, we offer “Loyalty Program” exclusively for our customers in New Cairo. You can find real estate offers through this program, once you recommend our properties to a friend you can get back your money . In this program real estate offers are divided into three levels:

The 1st level “silver card”

In this level you will get 50 EGP/ Meter cash back, if you recommend us to one or two customers.

  • For example if your friend buys a 200m unit, you will get 10.000 EGP cash back in your pocket or this amount will be deducted directly from your installments.

This amount will be doubled for you if you recommend two customers, and at the same time they will get the “silver card” benefits.

The 2nd level " golden card"

In this level you will get 75EGP/Meter cash back if you recommend us to three or four customers.

The 3rd level "Royal"

In this level you will get 100EGP/Meter cash back if recommend us to five customers.

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