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Along with its rich history, Royal has come across many critical phases of ups and downs. These ups and downs are the missions through which we managed to build and stabilize the name of Royal in the marketplace and present high quality home to our clients.

Starting in 2006

Eng. Sherif Shaalan, A young ambitious architect who aims to provide high quality homes that meet the highest architecture standards along with the beauty of creative design. He started to draw and construct his own units and he strongly hit the market.

By 2008

Eng. Sherif decided to turn his passion into a real business. He established Royal for Real Estate Investment as a small family business. It was one of the few companies out there, which build and invest in The Fifth Settlement, New Cairo. They focused on constructing and providing high quality home that would help in building “Royal” brand.

During its first years, Royal was building just 2 projects per year; in order to deliver high quality home that could express Royal identity.

By 2011

In spite of the drop that occurred in the real estate market- because of the Egyptian revolution, Royal has succeeded to deliver all units on time, unlike some other companies. Once we agree on the project with the client, we start building and applying it on the ground. That helped us to build and deliver on time.

According to Royal for Real Estate Development, customer is number one. The whole business circle is working to deliver high-value final product that deserves to be a trustworthy.

By 2015

All eyes started to be on The Fifth Settlement, many companies started to realize the importance of the area and investing in it. At this time, Royal was thinking of entering a new era in which we would be able to emphasize The Royal brand more and more. Thus, we decided to introduce a unique design for each Royal project, the design that would make it a significant landmark among the others.

Eng. Karim Shaalan took this mission on his charge, thanks to his knowledge and studies as an architect and being a professor at the university. Then, Royal created an innovative design for the interface architecture of each project.

By 2016

Royal for Real Estate Development entered a complete new era, the small family business turned into a big organization. At this very moment, Royal started to fetch and hire talented personals to help in building the Royal brand and complete its glorious journey. Many developments took place including, hiring professional specialists and building our own call center with a hot line to be able to serve our clients in a more professional way.


Thanks to the honorable history of Royal, we managed to achieve massive sales and prove a real development in the company profile.

By 2017

Due to the flotation of the Egyptian pound that occurred in the last quarter of 2016, many companies had a big drop because of the changing prices. We were not affected that much, as we adopt the fast building concept; we already had our building resources and raw martials. Although there were some losses but we didn’t stop here! Royal has risen up again to complete its glorious journey.


After more than 10 years of real estate development, we still think of how to serve our clients more and more. That’s why we set the facility management system- Royal Community; that offers real services to our customers including:

  • Professional Customer care center
  • 24/7 Security System
  • Telephones, Internet, and Central Satellite
  • Security cameras and intercom
  • Periodical maintenance (Plumbing, electricity, and elevators)
  • Property restoration and building
  • Periodical cleaning services
  • Landscaping and irrigation for the gardens
  • Destruction of insects
  • Dealing with government sectors

” As it’s always said, “The History is Written by The Victors”, we are still writing our rich history. More than 45 projects are completely finished so far, and the rest is yet to come.”

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