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We Believe in Making a Difference

At Royal Real Estate Developments, we work to make a real difference in the lives of our clients. That’s why we actively involve within the community as leaders and citizens. We take social responsibilities seriously and place it a great importance. So we developed 90th street the most prime location in the Fifth Settlement and we also developed modern units in the Fifth Settlement

Our Community Service Initiatives.

  • 90 St. Development

It is one of the prime streets in the 5th settlement, which is perfectly located at the heart of New Cairo. It is a street with integrated services. You will find international shopping malls, clubs, gym, international schools and universities along this street, that’s why most of our projects and our properties in the Fifth Settlement are a few minutes away from this vital street.

We pride ourselves in developing and drilling the street with the finest raw materials and with very modern designs. At the beginning of the street, you will find our informative board including the directions of the most known compounds in New Cairo.

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